Natural Calcium 600 with Magnesium

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- Helps to build strong healthy bones and nails
- Strengthens and builds strong healthy teeth

- A complete and natural calcium food
- Contains Magnecium and Vitamin D

- VegeCap Advantage

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Premium Natural Calcium 600 with Magnesium and Vitamin D is from the Lithothamnion formula species of seaweed which is a rare and unique type of red algae. Aquamin contains calcium, magnesium and
over 70 other important trace minerals. The combination of trace minerals and calcium together may enhance the rate at which calcium absorption takes place in humans and
also contributes to bone health. Also known as Lithothamnion Corallioides and red seaweed.


Each capsule contains
Aquamin TG (32% Natural Calcium) Equivalent to Calcium / Equivalent to Magnesium  782mg
Marine Magnesium (36% Magnesium) 230mg
Vitamin D3 Dry Cholecalciferol  Equivalent to Cholecalciferol  1mg


Adults : Take 2 capsules daily or as professionally advised.
Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers : Take up to 4 capsules daily.
Children under as 12 yrs : Take up to 1/2 teaspoon without capsule shell.
* This product is not for Children to swallow as it is.


Store in a cool dry place below 30℃.
Keep out of reach of children.

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