Eye Conditions Can be Improved with Bilberry

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Bilberry has been used for hundreds of years for maintaining the health of our eyes. It is excellent for treating conjunctivitis, eyestrain, cataracts & weak eyesight as well as for nasal congestion & coughs due to its antioxidant properties.

Historically, bilberry fruit was used to treat diarrhea, scurvy and other conditions. Today, the fruit is used as a traditional remedy for diarrhea, eye problems, varicose veins, poor circulation and even cancer prevention.

What makes this berry so phenomenal is that it contains naturally-producing chemicals known as anthocyanosides. Anthocyanosides are plant pigments that have powerful antioxidant properties. One study showed that bilberry had positive effects on vision in lower light environments. These antioxidants scavenge the body for free radicals, with the intention of helping to prevent or reverse damaged cells.

In other studies, bilberry shows many other health benefits such as reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer and macular degeneration. Bilberry also contains vitamin C, which is another powerful immune-boosting benefit.


Night vision becomes such a big issue as we age and if you consult your doctor, he or she will probably tell you that it is a normal part of aging; something that you may just have to live with. However, scientists have discovered that bilberries can help with night vision.

Bilberry is the European blueberry and has a strong reputation with night vision. During the World War II, the Royal Air Force pilots ate bilberry preserves before their night mission and stated that it helped to improve their night time vision. Though the medicinal benefit of this fruit requires further investigation, preliminary studies show that it is very beneficial in improving night vision. The parts of the plant used for medicinal purpose are dried leaves and fruits.

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