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Hi Well Blackcurrant Jam Recipe

Posted By: Hi Well In: Food recipes On: May 18, 2017 Comment: 0 Hit: 393

How to Make a very easy blackcurrant jam even if you have never done any preserving before.  This is a fantastic reicpe for beginners. My first ever jam was a Blackcurrant Jam and in spite of the reassurances that it always set, it didn’t.  Even so, it was really tasty.

This recipe is designed so that if you are a beginner you can hopefully avoid my mistakes and get great results the first time.  Even if you don’t do not despair, I know that with a bit of practice your will get some great results.

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Hi Well Spirulina Smoothie

Posted By: Hi Well In: Food recipes On: October 9, 2016 Comment: 0 Hit: 686

Some days we all just need an extra boost of health and this beautiful glass of green goodness is the best way to get it. Finishing this smoothie is seriously one of the most amazing, empowering feelings as you know that you’ve just taken in everything that your body needs and that you’re treating yourself with so much sef-love, which is so important for a healthy happy attitude. If you’re new to healthy eating and are yet to try a green smoothie.

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