The Big Benefits of the Noni Fruit

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Immune enhancement, excellent effect on diabetes / Containing rich nutrients including Proxeronin ingredients


The Big Benefits of the Noni Fruit

What is Noni?

Tropical plants grown mainly in the South Pacific, including Guam, Hawaii, Fiji, and New Zealand, are characterized by growing throughout the year.
Noni has traditionally been used as a health food to help relieve pain in Polynesian.
Especially, native people in Hawaii and Tahiti have considered this plant as a panacea. Noni has been used for all parts of trees such as fruit, leaves, roots, stem, and seed.
As it is known as the effect of raising the immune system against various diseases, it is called as the plant of the God given.

Noni's efficacy

- Inflammatory control and antihistamine effect - Allergy, rhinitis
- Improvement of acute and chronic pain. Improvement of arthritis
- Pre-cancer stage inhibition, cancer cell growth inhibition
- Tissue healing
- Antioxidant effect
- Blood pressure descent
- Diabetic improvement
- Digestive function improvement
- Immune reinforcement through macrophage and T-lymphocyte

Ingredients of Noni

Serotonin: Mood regulation and helping to sleep and appetite.
Proxeronine: Promotes the production of xeronine in the body, restores the aging cells to improve immune function (40 times of the pineapple) 
Iridoid: Function of the keeping body balance. It does not disappear by acting strongly inside of human body.  
It contains 18 amino acids, 9 essential amino acids, 12 natural vitamins, 
7 natural minerals, more than 140 minerals and vegetable ingredients, 
50 active ingredients, 200 antioxidant ingredients.

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