Colostrum Choco Milk - chocolate flavour

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- Ideal for growing children and adults who need more nutrients
- Delicious and easy to take for children and adults.
- Trusted sources, free from synthetic hormones and antibiotics
- Natural chocolate flavour

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Premium Colostrum Choco Milk Chewable benefits for all ages and supports the body’s immune and digestive. Each tablet provides premium grade New Zealand bovine colostrum, collected only from pasture-fed cows, promptly after calving. This formula may help to boost the immune system, IgG and growth factors, IgF harmonized with digestive, IgA to maintain a healthy body.


Per Each Tablet
Colostrum powder 400mg, Milk powder 176mg, Milk calcium powder 55mg, Chocolate Flavour 14mg, Zinc Oxide, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B1 and Tabletting aids


Adult : Chew 6 tablets daily
Children (1~6 years old) : Chew 3 tablets daily


Store in a cool dry place below 30°C
Keep out of reach of children

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