Colostrum Powder 100%

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- Ideal for growing children and adults who need more nutrients
- New Zealand Bovine Colostrum 100%
- Trusted sources, free from synthetic hormones and antibiotics

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Premium Colostrum Powder 100% consists of 100% New Zealand bovine colostrum powder.
New Zealand bovine colostrum is collected only from pasture-fed cows in a clean and natural environment promptly after calving. This formula contains IgG and growth factors, IgF harmonize with IgA. Rich in growth factors with immune influence.


Bovine Colostrum Powder 100% 100g
Typical Bioactive Composition IgG 20~25%

Premium Colostrum Powder 100%


Adult : 1~2 teaspoons twice daily with water
Children : 1 teaspoon twice daily with water


Store in a cool dry place below 30°C
Keep out of reach of children

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